Check your equipment:

  • If you have a pool cover, clear off any debris before removing the cover
  • Clear floating debris from the surface and scoop out debris that may have accumulated on the bottom of the pool
  • Top up the pool water level so that it reached the middle of the weir
  • Clear both the pool pump and weir baskets
  • Backwash the filter for 2 minutes and rinse the pool filter for 30 seconds.
  • Plug in your automatic pool cleaner and check that it is working.
  • Set your pool timer to run for 12 hours, or adjust to suit your pool size


Preparing the pool water:

  • Test your water using a pool water test kit or test strips.
  • Adjust your water balances to within the recommended ranges:
    • Total Alkalinity (TA) 80 – 120ppm. Increase TA by adding HTH® Alkalinity Up
    • pH 7.2 – 7.6. Add HTH® Easy Acid acid if your pH is too high, and HTH® Soda Ash/HTH® Alkalinity Up if your pH is too low
    • Chlorine: 1 – 3 ppm
    • Stabiliser (cyanuric acid) <50ppm
    • Copper/Iron: 0
  • Add an HTH® pool sanitiser to suit your chosen pool care routine – add HTH® Granular Mineralsoft Pool chlorine™ daily/every 2nd day or a chlorine floater if you can’t get to your pool every day
  • To treat algae or green water, test and adjust your pH and then Shock Treat your pool with 3 x the normal dose of HTH® Granular+ mineral soft pool chlorine. Follow pack instructions and only enter the pool water when the chlorine level<3ppm


Ongoing pool water maintenance:

  • Test and correct pH levels weekly.
  • Test chlorine level weekly. If chlorine level is too low, add HTH® Granular Mineralsoft Pool chlorine™
  • Clear pump & weir baskets weekly, together with brushing pool walls
  • Backwash and rinse your pool filter every 2 weeks or when your automatic pool cleaner becomes sluggish
  • Test and correct Total Alkalinity once a month
  • Test Stabiliser level at least once a season


Useful Tips:

  • Consider cleaning your filter sand at the start of the season
  • For large pools, consider adding pool stabiliser to reduce maintenance cost.



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