Slight green/brown tint to the water OR

When chlorine is added to the water, the water turns a brown/green colour


Dissolved metals in the water / Low pH / Low Total Alkalinity / Use of borehole water


Corrective Action:

Note: Metal in solution can cause staining when it comes out of solution!

  1. Disconnect the automatic pool cleaner.
  2. With the Multiport Valve on the Bypass/Circulate/Re-circulate position, distribute the contents of a bottle of HTH® Metal Remover evenly throughout the pool. HTH® Metal Remover reduces the risk of further staining but is unlikely to remove existing stains. (Please ignore this step if it has been recommended in an above treatment.)
  3. Circulate the water for 8 hours.
  4. Turn the pump back to the filter position and check the pH level.
  5. In the evening, shock treat the pool, by adding 6 cups of HTH® Granular Chlorine or 2 sachets HTH® Shock It.
  6. Run the filter continuously for the next 24 - 48 hours or until the water clears.
  7. After the first 12 hours, reconnect the automatic pool cleaner and check the pH and adjust if necessary.
  8. If there is no marked improvement after 48 hours, add another 3 cups of HTH® Granular Chlorine or one sachet of HTH® Shock It and filter for a further 24 hours.
  9. If a tinge of colour remains or if there is brown sediment on the floor, add HTH® Sparkle It per label instructions to remove the sediment/colour.
  10. Raising pH to above 8.4 and keeping it there for 24 hours while filtering continuously will sometimes remove iron but HTH® Metal Remover must first be added.
  11. Correct Total Alkalinity to 80 – 120       

Only adjust the Total Alkalinity once the pool has turned from a green colour to a bluish colour. Thereafter, continue with normal filtration and chlorination programme.


Recommended Product/s:

HTH® Metal Remover

HTH® Alkalinity Up

HTH® Granular Chlorine

HTH® Shock It


All dosages are based on an average pool with a capacity of 50 000 litres. Adjust according to your pool size, regional variations and weather conditions.


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