There are four types of pool linings – fibreglass, marbelite, chip-tile and vinyl lined pools

How to find out what pool linings you have?

Here is a simple way to determine what type of pool lining you have…

  • A marbelitepool has a gunite or marbelite lining on top of its concrete shell. The lining is porous and rough to the touch
  • A fibreglass lining can be applied to previously gunite or marbelite pools, or exists in premoulded factory build pools. The lining is less porous than on a marbelite and is smooth to the touch
  • Vinyl pool linings are plastic
  • Chip tile pool linings are similar to marbelite pools in nature but are decorated with with tiles.


  1. Different pool linings may require that you add only certain types of pool chemicals, and add the pool chemicals in different ways
  2. Take note of directions on packaging when selecting pool chemicals and before adding them to your pool

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