Before leaving on holiday, here are a few helpful suggestions to keep your pool blue while you’re away

  • Top up your pool water as the filter cannot operate properly if the water is too low
  • Clear pump and weir baskets of all debris
  • Backwash and rinse the filter
  • Test and correct your levels
  • Check that your Automatic pool cleaner is in good working order
  • Add an HTH® Floater +


  • Add an HTH® Algaecide as per pack directions for use

all in one algeacide

  • Lock gates and other pool enclosures.


  1. If you are going away for an extended holiday, ensure that your neighbor comes to clear your pump and weir basket and backwash/ rinse your filter regularly.
  2. Consider Installing a leaf catcher to prevent floating debris from sinking to the floor of you pool

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