Everything needed to make pool maintenance easy and quick from leaf rakes to thermometers to pool brushes, HTH® offers a line of pool care accessories for a range of pool care needs. All HTH® accessories are made of high grade plastic for extended life.

Maintaining chlorine, pH and water balance need to be complimented by skimming the water surface to remove floating leaves and other debris. Swimming pool walls and bottoms need to be brushed to keep algae from attaching to them, and preventing them from becoming slippery. These basic maintenance procedures are made easier with the HTH® line of swimming pool accessories.



HTH® 4-in-1 Test Kit

The HTH® 4-in-1 Test Kit is used to test your swimming pool water’s chlorine, pH, acid demand and TA levels. See the HTH® 4-in-1 Booklet for directions.

To View Test booklet - click on link below



HTH® Algae Brush

The HTH® Algae Brush is used to brush down the walls of your pool without damaging your lining.


HTH® Curved Pool Brush

The HTH® Curved Pool Brush is used to sweep the floor of your pool and the curved edges allow for efficient cleaning of those hard to reach corners.


HTH® Leaf Rake

The HTH® Leaf Rake is used to remove leaves and debris from your pool floor. 


HTH® Leaf Skimmer

The HTH® Leaf Skimmer is used to skim floating leaves and debris from the surface of the pool water.


HTH® Quick Test Strips

HTH® Quick Test Strips are easy to use pool water test strips that test for pH, free chlorine, TA and stabiliser. Simply dip in pool water for quick accurate results.


Video: How to test your pool water the fast way


HTH® Pool Thermometer

The HTH® Pool Thermometer is used to obtain accurate temperature readings of your pool water. It is available in degrees Celcius and Fahrenheit.


HTH® Telescopic Pole 3m – NEW!

Suitable for all brushes, skimmers and rakes


HTH® Manual Sweeper – NEW!

To be used for manual vacuuming of a swimming pool


HTH® Nuts & Bolts – NEW!

For connecting brushes, skimmers and rakes to pool poles


HTH® Pool Swivel

Stops hoses tangling allowing for better floor and wall coverage of your automatic pool cleaner. This product reduces hose splitting and scuffing.


HTH® Automatic Weir Valve

Optimises automatic pool cleaner performance; automatically regulates water low and fits all weir or vacuum points.